sesame oil, Taiwanese rice wine, rice noodles, bitter melon meal starter kitboost immune system

Recipes for Recovery

This Lunar New Year, we wanted to give back to the healthcare workers and moms who have been putting others first. Like the Oxen, caregivers are strong, hard working, and patient. We wish to offer them rest through our Asian-inspired meal starters featuring family recipes from our home to theirs.

Support our essential workers

These simple, healthy, and energy-boosting recipes will show how much our neighbors care about them, too.

Christine Recipes for RecoveryEmily Recipe for RecoveryDr. Joan Recipe for Recovery

Physical Therapist, 34

Registered Nurse, Mother, 31

Dr. Joan
PrimAry Care Physician, 66


For every $15 donated, we hand-packed and deliver one meal to any home in the Mercer or Middlesex counties, New Jersey.