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Zodiac Posters

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Have your parents ever cut you a bowl of fruit? Perhaps while studying or when friends and family pay a visit? Maybe instead of cakes and ice cream, you were served a bowl of sliced apples? Cutting fruit is an act of love in Asian culture. What other language of love is expressed at home?

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Fun Fact! There are over 250+ tropical and sub-tropical fruits.

Printed on bright white, smooth matte, inkjet paper mounted on poster board. Full bleed and hand-crafted.

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Hello PRosper Collaboration

Bo Feng Lin

Bo Feng Lin is a Chinese German artist from Pforzheim, a small town in Germany. After dropping out of architecture school, he pursued a career in illustration at the Hamburg University of Applied Science. His signature style combines geometric shapes and vibrant colors with the female form. Along with digital art, Bo loves to work with oil and acrylic mediums. He’s currently working as a freelance illustrator on various illustration projects for video games, children's books, and advertisements.

Roshni Patel

Hello PRosper Collaboration

Roshni Patel

Roshni is an Indian-American creative from Boston. She turned her passion for art into a paper goods brand, Colors of Roshni, where she manages an Etsy shop, creates custom pieces, and collaborates with influential brands. Her work is a fusion of her South Asian heritage and Western upbringing. Her style is represented through vivid colors, real-life experiences, and cultural traditions. Her mission is to spread light through her art.