Paper Play

Paper Time Capsule Cards

$ 7.00 USD

How it works:

✨ Includes a short rhyme of each pioneer contribution made in history
✨ On the back, we invite you to look inward and write a note to your future self
✨ Jot down a date on the envelope when you’d like to open it
✨ Set a digital reminder on our website and we’ll send you an email on your opening day!

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asian male headshot artist

Hello PRosper Collaboration

Bo Feng Lin

Bo Feng Lin is a Chinese German artist from Pforzheim, a small town in Germany. After dropping out of architecture school, he pursued a career in illustration at the Hamburg University of Applied Science. His signature style combines geometric shapes and vibrant colors with the female form. Along with digital art, Bo loves to work with oil and acrylic mediums. He’s currently working as a freelance illustrator on various illustration projects for video games, children's books, and advertisements.

Elizabeth McClain

Hello PRosper Collaboration

Elizabeth McClain

Elizabeth is an American artist specializing in graphic design and illustration for the entertainment industry. Originally from Upstate New York, Elizabeth has travelled around the USA over the last 10 years, creating artwork for live events, museum exhibits, and even theme parks! She is currently settled in Los Angeles, where she enjoys hiking, cuddling with her two cats, and soaking up the sunshine. In her spare time, Elizabeth enjoys using her artistic talents to give back to her local community and promote causes she is passionate about. Her most recent projects can be viewed on her website.