Black & Asian Solidarity Event

A Celebration of Black & Asian Joy event helping bridge gap between communities in Philadelphia

Asian Women's Wellness Day

CIFWI partnered with Studio 34 to host the first Asian Women’s Wellness Day on Saturday, May 15th 2021 at the Crane Community Center (1001 Vine Street). The event aims to celebrate and honor Asian Pacific American women across generations by promoting community care and building solidarity.

The Wow Series - Feminist Figures - Panelist

Tune in to our interview with Kelly if you are seeking community and advice in your early career. We sit down and talk about her personal journey to entrepreneurship, life as a first-generation Asian-American, and how she advances her community both through her business and mentorship.

New York Public Library Workshop

On Saturday, December 21st, young women from SAYA’s leadership programming attended an event centered around Asian women pioneers in history, held at the New York Public Library. The event - “She Did, I Will Too! Asian Women Pioneers & their Journeys to Freedom,” was hosted by Hello Prosper and focused on women who shaped the path of feminism but due to discrimination, were not given the recognition they deserve.

Covid-hit Asian American Small Businesses Receive Grants from Hennessy’s “Unfinished Business” Program

Of 1,000 applicants, Hello Prosper was 1 of 300 Asian American businesses who qualified in receiving grant funding. "I have unlimited gratitude for the generosity and contributions of strangers to our mission. Thank you to my team of craftspeople in taking action with me to serve vulnerable and underserved populations." - Kelly

Founder Interview with Aadaan Project

Founder and Creative Director, Kelly Lan, chatted with our friends at Project Aadaan about Hello Prosper's global team of tastemakers and her thoughts on the importance of representation in art, education, and popular culture.

Curator-in-Residence Kelly Lan: Changing the World One Untold Story at a Time

NYC Chinatown Pear River Mart Art Show

"Freedom is knowing who you are."
- Pink