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Back to school is here. 2020 is the year of inclusion. Students are hungry – hungry to decolonize the education system, hungry for representation, and hungry to learn about their peers. Introducing our digital calendar, your daily dose of Asian culture worth celebrating. Scroll down to explore.

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A classroom learning tool for students

Featuring holidays from 19 Asian ethnicities

Remembrance days to heal our community
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We know what isn't included can hurt the most

History can be complex and tricky, involving critical analysis, multiple viewpoints, and social & political considerations. To improve our calendar's accuracy and representation, we invite you to submit a new entry or request edits to an existing one. Updates will be made on a monthly basis.

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Heidi is a Taiwanese American nurse raised outside of Los Angeles, California. She is passionate about health equity, and how personal identity ties into health and wellness. She's a graduate from the University of Pennsylvania and will be relocated to Washington D.C. this fall.

Melinda is a second-generation Chinese American from New Jersey. She’s passionate about gender equity, women’s health, entrepreneurship, and economic empowerment. With a degree from Wharton business school, her focus is in product marketing. She's an active member in Asian women communities.

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"Privilege is history being part of the core curriculum & mine being taught as an elective."
- Ozy Aloziem